Rebuild Timberidge Authentic Cabin

TIMBERIDGE is an exclusive community of 36 authentic antique log homes. All but 9 of these were destroyed in the fire.  Each home is a restoration of an original log cabin built by these early pioneers. One half of the money rasied goes to the permant residences. The other half will be used for the Timberidge Homeowners Association to repair fences, building and removal of burnt trees.
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Timberidge "The Smoky Mountains Most Unique Community of Gatlinburg Cabins"

Timberidge collage Daniel Boone led the first settlers across the Applacian Mountains through the Cumberland Gap in the summer of 1773. That adventuresome group of settlers remained a short six months before hardship sent them back to the Carolinas. Three years later Boone led another group through the Gap and founded the first permanent settlement west of the mountains. This was the beginning of the westward expansion of the United States. During the next century, an endless stream of brave and determined pioneers built their homesteads in the valleys and mountains of East Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina while overcoming unimaginable hardships.

From the vast forests of virgin pines and hardwoods they cut and carved by hand the logs used to build these sturdy Gatlinburg cabins that were needed to protect them from the elements, while clearing enough land to grow the food necessary to sustain life. These remarkable individuals have long been gone but their legacy lives on in TIMBERIDGE.